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We are the Best and Professional Mobile Application Development Company in Karaikudi. We develop native iPhone apps, android apps, cross platform apps and web app. Winzone softech is a leading and trusted Mobile application development company in Karaikudi.

We are offering a high functionality Mobile Application to our customers. Our elite team of talented developers create the quality mobile application by bridging the user specification and latest trending technologies used in the industry.

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Android Application

As more than 85% of the mobile users use android smart phones. We design native android app with haunting design and that generates profitable revenue to your business.

IOS Application

The iPhone app market is very much lucrative. iPhone app development benefits the clients with as this category of app development provides brand promotion and is a platform to connect customers globally.

Ionic framework

Ionic frame work is open source development software used to build hybrid mobile apps. Winzone softech being significant Ionic mobile app development company, with years and years of experience.

React native Application

We are the leading React native application development company in karaikudi. React Native is well-known for its excellent UI feature, and this framework is JavaScript - based it easier in Android and iOS platform.

Android Application

Our technical experts always tend to develop the app in the user’s point of view with booming concept that works efficiently and support all android smart phones. Application Strategies,
➤ A complete library of 2D and 3D graphics with an extensive range of audio and video files.
➤ Android apps maintain harmony with the features of Video camera, accelerometer and magnetometer.
➤ Interprocess communication (IPC) message passing.
➤ Facilitates SQLite for data storage.
➤ Useful for publishing export and signing app.
➤ Ease of information access.

Best android development company in karaikudi

IOS Application

Our team of iOS Mobile Application developers will dedicatedly work on your app and make sure that project is accomplished within the stipulated time. We have been in the field of Mobile application development for several years and have done successful app projects for small to big enterprise be it an onine selling , retail , gaming or service oriented app. Latest Technology used in IOS Development,
➤ Augumented Reality
➤ enterprise Application
➤ Wearable Application Development
➤ Bluetooth Application
➤ ibeacon Application

best IOS development company in karaikudi

Ionic Application Development

Ionic application is the smart idea to buildup mobile apps that is compatible on all devices of multiple web technologies like HTML, CSS and so on. One of the major advantages of this app is it is cost effective, and simple developing. It supports Multiple platform,
We use a framework service of,
➤ Ionic Application UI/UX design
➤ Ionic Business Application Development
➤ Ionic application compatibility testing
➤ Ionic Application integration

best ionic development company in karaikudi

React Native Application

Build Cross-platform apps with React js Build for one platform and deploy on all. Considering all salient features React js is considered as the top trending technology in market. Being an open source, cross platform it helps react js developers to come up with creative web and mobile app providing high end solutions. Advantage of react is,
➤ Code development base will be single for Andriod, iOS, Windows and mobile web.
➤ It simplifies the job of the developers with very strong and powerful backend.
➤ It offers a free open source platform and App development framework.
➤ Gives native app feel when used devices with multiple OS

mobile application development company in karaikudi
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Create your business App and expand your presence.
Go live launching your mobile app and engage with audience
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Mobile Application

We follow some Approach

Think Mobile

We create adaptive web experience by developing completely new apps designed especially for your mobile users.

Mobile centered

Our developers build content rich mobile applications to help clients navigate to ever-evolving mobile landscape.

Enterprise mobility

We help you extend your business outreach with our top-notch Enterprise Mobility Solutions.


Two ways developers target apps for mobile devices with the web,
1. Reponsive web design
2. Mobile web app


Native apps are built using platform-specific SDKs and development tools provided by the platform vendors.
Easy to deploy, no software installs


Hybrid apps are completely self-contained. No server is required to launch or run a hybrid app, other than to supply or persist data within the app.